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The lucky country offers so many unique and inspiring landscapes that, with the right planning, any wedding style you choose can have the ideal day and night. Whether your dream wedding photography style is photojournalist and candid, traditional and romantic, contemporary and modern, intimate and relaxed, glamorous or slightly edgy, Mike Locker Photography can help you discover the perfect setting and create the perfect mood.

Sydney, NSW

The Rocks

Offers a contemporary mood with a twist of traditional. From its iconic landmarks of The Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House to the east and to it’s historic architecture of warm sandstone backdrops including the cultural Museum Of Contemporary Arts, the urban couple will find the perfect environment for beautiful but edgy wedding images. The Rocks and your wedding would work well in colour with Mike’s photojournalist style but even better in black and white.

The beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens

This park, slightly to the west of The Rocks, offers a tranquil outdoors and green setting while capturing glimpses of the beauty of Sydney metropolis. From lush foliage, grand trees and shady palms this stunning park offers cool shade for spring and summer and a natural but sharp crispness for autumn and winter.

Sydney Harbour

Few would argue that Sydney Harbour (or Harbor if your American!) isn’t one of the most captivating wonders of the natural world! Whether seeing it from Sydney’s many and celebrated parks such as McKell Park or Lady Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney’s many harbor clubs or restaurants or a magical yacht or boat, the sparkling waters will guarantee happiness and fun.

The Northern and Easter Beaches

Sydney is filled with some of the most famous beaches in the world, so whether having your wedding in Palm or Whale Beach in the north or Bondi, Bronte or Tamaramma in the East, these offer what many brides and grooms believe to be the quintessentially Australian backdrop. As the light can often be harsh, it’s hugely important to get a photographer with a whole lot of industry experience to ensure the perfect mood is captured whether that’s candid, stylish, Avant gard or relaxed.

The Countryside NSW

A few hours drive from Sydney, whether going wild on the farm, romantic on the beach or traditional in a Church, in the New South Wales landscapes you’ll find an array of nature’s stunning backdrops. It has it all including lush and green hills, earthy and rustic farms, quaint and pretty towns, joyous and celebratory beaches. To the South there’s sleepy but elegant Berry and to the north there’s the charming and cosmopolitan wineries of the Hunter Valley. No matter which coastline you follow, you’ll soon reach the Central, Northern or Southern Coasts which offer the most beautiful and celebrated beaches and venues in the world. Any of these destinations offer the perfect settings, sunsets and light.

Canberra, ACT

Just a few more hours drive and the ACT offers the perfect winter setting or drive to Thredbo or Perisha for your winter wonderland celebration.

Melbourne, VIC

With its art culture, galleries, trendy resteraunts and European style backdrops, cosmopolitan Melbourne offers many kinds of unique settings for anything from your bo ho chique andavant‐garde to elegant and relaxed through to formal and black‐tie wedding.


This unique, contemporary and venue has an ever‐changing backdrop including luxury yachts, such as the MV Pearl with its sky‐deck cocktail bar and 10‐seather marble dining table for you and 49‐guests.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

This green and lush haven offers so much more than romantic photographs. Enjoy the peace and quite of nature amongst the hustle and bustle of the city in the heritage listed Observatory Building to the 19th‐ centaury Georgian mansion, Gardens House.

The Countryside Victoria

Just outside of town you’ll find wineries, the Yarra River, rugged beaches and quintessential Australian countryside.


The bride and groom who want to create a magical moment in time enjoy amazing views intimate settings and great wine!. in the world‐class wineries of the Yarra Valley, The relaxed locals and venues with their rustic charm to modern architecture will ensure you have the most magical day with Mike’s relaxed and photo journalist to formal and edgy photographic style to capture it all.


Just and hour and a half drive from Melbourne, this pretty and sleepy “gold rush” town is more famous these days for the bubbling mineral water that gurgles out of its many springs. With it’s many spas and hippy lifestyles and treatments, this offers the perfect alternate spot for your chilled day. Though you could glam things up with the 2‐hat Lake House Restaurant which has one of the most celebrated wine cellars in the country!


A short drive from Melbourne an you’ll find Dandenong with it’s amazing backdrops of forests, foliage, hills and mountains. Offering some of the most varied and stunning venues around, the peacefulness of nature will guarantee and relaxed and joyous wedding day, with stunning photography.


If you’re looking for fun, sun and a relaxed tropical vibe Qld offers stunning sunsets and more. Boasting one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, circles the Whitsundays including the world famous Hamilton Island with it’s breathtaking, luxury five star resort Qualia. Of course if you want to travel further afield, Fiji and Hawaii make a great sister islands too!

The Rest Of The World

Being originally British, Mike is an international photographer and knows how to work with the people and light of the UK and Europe too – whether London, France, Italy or the rest of Europe Mike will meet you there. He’s also very familiar with Bali and has shot weddings in other Asian countries including Thailand. While he hasn’t shot weddings in China and Japan he’s has enjoyed working with many Japanese and Chinese brides and grooms.